It’s no secret that my style is really on the stylized/cartoony side, but just like a lot of artists with similar styles, it didn’t start that way.

During the beginning, my art was heavily influenced by American comics, namely Marvel and DC titles at the time. And a lot of the comics I picked up had Artists who drew in realistic styles. When I got into more alternative comics from Europe, I was again, drawn to Artist who drew realistic. This went on for a while until I finally began to focus more on style with the likes of Mignola, Frank Miller and Art Adams. From that point on it was a constant search to find my style.

I really got to a place where I could say, yes, I do have a style, just a few years ago. But while I extremely enjoy drawing the way I do, I have always made time to dabble in going back to drawing a slight bit more realistic. Truth be told, I greatly admire Artists that have a solid grasp of drawing realistically. Take Chris Samnee for example, his figures and background work are mesmerizing to say the least.

Personally, while I love exaggerating the human form, I also love challenging myself to draw things more realistically from time to time.

while I have spent the last few years drawing exaggerated forms, I recently decided, as a personal challenge, to go back to drawing everything in a realistic style the way I used to. So if I can carry through with this challenge, you’re going to start seeing some different work from me moving forward.

How long will this experiment last? No idea. It could easily last a few months and just as easily become permanent.

The thing here is to challenge myself. And drawing realistically is a challenge for me. Sometimes we get to a point in our work and lives where we become too comfortable. I feel really comfortable where I’m at and at the same time, I don’t feel that to be a healthy thing creatively speaking. So this is my way of shaking things up a bit. At least for a little while.

The image below is a screen shot of a piece I’m working on now on the iPad. Quite clearly I’m drawing The Black Panther. I’ll update with a new post as I move along with it.

Thanks for reading.

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