In my last post I wrote about a challenge I had decided to take to draw more realistic instead of my usual super stylized cartoony style. This challenge is a way for me to come out of my comfort zone and force myself to take on areas which I’m not all that comfortable with, despite my having drawn in this way in the past.

Anatomy and realism have always been a bit of a boogieman for me and I’ve always found it easier to exaggerate things and not take them so serious. But as Artists, we should never allow ourselves to get too comfortable with our work and strive to better ourselves whichever way we can.

Now that I’ve been thinking about this challenge and what it means I’m starting to realize that, maybe, this comfort zone of mines could have been one of the reasons why I fell in that prolonged creative rut where I felt no desire to draw or creativity in me. Maybe I felt my work no longer presented a challenge so I fell in a creative coma. Maybe I’m seeing too much into it. Who knows. The thing is, I’m loving this challenge despite the fact that there are going to be days where I’m going to hate myself for considering doing this and days where I’m going to want to default to my cartoon style.

But if anything, I am curious. Super curious as to where this road leads. Will this last for a month or two or will this be something Permanent? That’s yet to be decided. As for my first piece, I had to draw the Black Panther again. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Thanks for reading.

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