I’ve been struggling to find the desire to draw once again for a few months now. As many of you may know, I recently underwent a major operation to remove a cancerous mass in my Pancreas of which I am currently recovering from. My lack of desire to draw didn’t start after the operation, but before. Way before I even knew I had cancer and had to undergo this procedure to remove it. Months before, I was already struggling to find the motivation to draw. And even more, I was trying to figure out exactly why I lost my desire to create to begin with. I still have no answer. But I’m fighting against these feelings. So not only am I recovering physically, I’m recovering artistically.

I’ve noticed a few Artists that I follow have gotten back into blogging. So I’ve made a choice to get back into blogging myself. Maybe getting my thoughts out in written format will help towards my creative recovery. Maybe not. Only time will tell.

In the mean time, I’ve been going through older pieces of work, trying to find a spark to light this fire once again. This was one of the very first original piece of art I created on the iPad Pro, called The Chase. It was done entirely in Procreate app.

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