Before Iron Man the movie was released, I was never really interested in the comic book character or his comics. Same thing goes for other characters like Captain America and Black Widow. But after the movies, I became interested in them. I guess seeing them on the big screen in live action really brought them to life for me.

With Winter Soldier, it was no different. One thing I can give credit to the live action movies is that they managed to take these characters and make them cool. That’s not an easy task, but Marvel has done it over and over again.

For me, Winter Soldier’s intro in Captain America was awesome. I loved every single minute he was on screen. And I’m happy that he wasn’t a one off character, appearing in Civil War and soon, Infinity War.

As for this piece, I truly loved working on it. It was done in Procreate, sketched and inked with my Proinker Brushes.

Check out the final image below as well as some extra process pics.

Thanks for reading!

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